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The Beni Ourain Rug of Morocco

The Beni Ourain Rug of Morocco

In today’s world, it has become increasingly important to find objects that have meaning. Items that are made by hand are treasured. A well item, such as a rug, is not only something to own. It is also something that speaks of the hard work that went into creating it. Such is the case with the Beni Ourain rug. In a world where items are churned out by the dozens, each rug is an object that takes time to complete. Each rug requires the use many hands. They have many hands that supervise the process from the very harvesting of the wool. This means that each rug has been very much part of a time-tested process that is all about making something special and long lasting.

A Wonderful Process

Unlike some other types of rugs, the Moroccan Berber rug is one that involves a great deal of thought. Each rug starts with a plan. The person who makes it thinks about how best to use the wool they have. Wool that is used for such rugs is grown in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Unlike some other parts of the region, this area can get really cold at night. This means that the sheep who live here will develop a wonderful coat of wool in response to the colder weather. Like humans, they respond to the changing weather. Those who live here love the wool that they grow. They carefully tend to the sheep in the area, knowing that such sheep can provide them with the means to create amazing rugs.

The Process

After the wool is carefully gathered from the sheep, the rug weaver must decide on the next steps. A Beni Ourain rug weaver will have many thoughts on the creation of each rug. They may have made many such rugs before in the past. As a result, each weaver knows how to make the wool they use look fabulous. This is why each Moroccan Berber rug is truly unique. Every single rug that they create is one that each weaver has thought after for a long time before they start to work.

A Great End Product

Once the weaver has begun his work, the rug has his entire concentration. He knows just how to how to take wonderful wool and turn it into a product that everyone can appreciate. The net result of his effort is something that’s rare in our society. The rug that he creates is one that will look like no other. This rug is one that has details and craft that mark out from other rugs of this type. The buyer can be assured they are getting a highly superior product that will look great. They can also be assured that they are not only buying a rug. They are also buying something that speaks of timeless beauty and an intense devotion to the creation of worthy traditional crafts and quality work. In short, they are buying part of wonderful, ancient tradition.