5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Curtains

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Curtains

Where is a great place to purchase curtains? Where is there a place that would be convenient, with good customer service? These are all great things to wonder as you begin the search for the right place to purchase curtains. There are curtains for homes and offices. Both locations have different needs and functions, but have one thing in common, both need to make a statement and still be practical.

In a home, there are different rooms, with different needs. In Singapore especially, blackout curtains would be important for a bedroom, as light penetrating through would be disruptive for a good night’s sleep. It would also be helpful to have a second layer in order to allow soft light into the room during the day. However, in the same home, a multi layer curtain set, would likely work better in the living room, in order to provide light filtration from the strong rays of the sun at midday while allowing for light to come in during the early and late parts of the day.

In an office, window curtains would likely need to have two parts as well, again, one to filter the sunlight. But the other to set of curtains would likely block light, especially in meeting rooms. This would allow for presentations in a room without light distractions.

Keeping window location in mind is important. However, equally important to know is where to buy curtains in Singapore. Being choosy about a company to work with is important. Be sure to keep in mind a few things:

  • Location: Is the storefront conveniently located?
  • Does the store have both custom and ready made options? How about samples? Anything that can be touched and seen?
  • What is the customer service like? Did you get a good impression? Are the sales people knowledgeable about the product?
  • What about installation? Is hardware installation part of the price? Is it an add on service?
  • How detailed are the price quotes? Are they fair?

All these things play a factor in the decision making process of who to trust with the windows of your home or office. Do not rush, be thoughtful, and when a choice is made, be confident in the decision. Enjoy the new window coverings!

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